What do you really know...about water!

Before you take this quiz...

This assessment is different to other assessments. For every question you will need to say if you guessed, thought it out, or really knew.

You will score 3 points for 'knowing' a correct answer, 2 points if you think your answer is correct and just 1 if you guess correctly.

Incorrect guesses carry no penalty but 'thinking' or 'knowing' wrong answers will lose you 2 or 6 points respectively.

Don't think too much about the scoring, just answer honestly to maximise your score and minimise penalties.


When water is boiling, air bubbles are created.


Water is a solvent.


Carbon dioxide can dissolve in water.


Water is a mixture of Oxygen and Hydrogen.


Clouds are made of steam.

What do you really know then?
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You knew answers correctly

You thought out answers correctly


You guessed answer(s) correctly

You guessed answer(s) incorrectly


You have partial misconception(s)

You have serious misconception(s)

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